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Campus France

Campus France

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So, for studying abroad in France for more than just a little summer session, one must apply for a student Visa. Now, this is a two-part task. The first part is applying for a site called Campus France, and that is no easy feat. I spent some time previously completing the personal information portion of the site. Tonight I spent several hours trying to complete the application portion. It's not particularly easy to complete because the form is partially in French and partially in English, and some of the questions are not simple to answer.

For instance, there was a short form to fill out academic experience. Unfortunately, the listings for degree types were in French, and the French degrees do not always correlate well to American Degrees. I answered that section as best as I could and added images of my Transcript for good measure.

Also, on the Linguistics portion of the form, they ask if you had any courses taught in French during High School. Now, my only courses in French in high school were...French classes. I briefly wondered if they meant general studies courses taught in French, but they didn't ask any follow-up questions to this, so I answered yes since I did have French classes in high school. I assumed that was the information they were looking for--had I studied French in high school? Honestly, the fact is that the bulk of my French studies were in high school and self-study.

So after much hemming and hawing over the form and finally getting it completed in what I felt was a satisfactory manner, I submitted the application. Now, I have to send in money for the application. Unfortunately, the amount is twice as much as I had been led to believe by another form I had (from ISEP, perhaps, but I can't remember exactly). I had already made out a money order for the other amount, so now I have to go get another money order (Oh boy!).

Apparently, at some point I must also have some form of interview with someone from Campus France as well. I hope it's not meant to establish my proficiency in French. I'm improving, but I think that would make me so nervous, I wouldn't be able to say anything.

After all the Campus France stuff is done, and they've processed my app, I'll have to drive down to Atlanta to complete my Visa application. Supposedly, what I pay for the Campus France app is supposed to be taken out of the amount I'll owe for that, but that information came from the same place that said I'd only have to pay $60 to Campus France, so I don't know if I can rely on the accuracy of that information. I hope to God I don't get down there and not have enough dough to cover it. (Side note: I still need a job for the summer!) I think I have everything I need, though, except a translated copy of my birth certificate. I've got to do some research to determine how to get that.

So, the application process for the visa is a little complicated. I'll get through it, though.

For now, I'm off to bed.
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